Cashmere is love


Making Cashmere for generations


Gayatri Pashmina INc.

It's not our work, it's our passion.

Gayatri has been a pioneering name in the field of cashmere manufacturing for over decades. Specialized in manufacturing cashmere, wool, and silk products. Gayatri Pashmina is a one-stop sustainable solution for cashmere lovers.

Letter from our Founder

Gayatri Pashmina is a result of 35years of my life and the craftsmanship of two generations. Being a Textile Engineer, my vision has always been towards innovation, and sustainability, using only the finest cashmere yarn, it makes me feel proud to say we are the only industry in Nepal capable to create products and designs with consistency none can achieve. I welcome you to work with us and create a relationship not as an industry or a brand but as a family.

What we do?


Finest cashmere yarns are used to make the best cashmere scarfs and mufflers both in solid as well as check and tartan design, from elegant shawls to warm blankets, weaving is the soul of the Industry. Using the traditional craft learnt through generations of expertise, Gayatri Pashmina is one of the finest cashmere Weaver’s in Nepal.



Finest cashmere knits from warm and cozy sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, hoodies, ponchos, zip-up hoodies, half-zip hoodies, pants, sweatpants, joggers, robes,  to loungewear, lounge pants, lounge sets. Gayatri has an expert knitting facility under its hood.

Stencil Printing

Creating vibrant designs that are best in both the contemporary and traditional world. Gayatri’s printing department is specialized in printing the best designs showcased by some biggest fashion houses in the world.

Private label

The Gayatri Pashmina - for over decades - collaborates with the most important and renowned international brands in the luxury goods industry. The extraordinary quality of our products is highly appreciated by the exclusive high fashion customers.

Create your collection

Love for crafts has never been old. If you are a designer or a fashion house and would like to create your own collection using our craftsmanship, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

Are you a start-up?

With the experience of decades, Team Gayatri is always eager to help the startup build their business, turning their imagination into reality, crafting their designs into products, proving in-house design to establish their business, we are always excited to be part of something intresting. 

Request the company profile

If you'd like more info about the company's activities both as production and as learning programs are concerned, don't hesitate to ask for our company profile