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Since the beginning, we have focused on the art of producing beautifully handcrafted weaves and knits for prestigious brands and influential boutiques over the world.

As one of Nepal’s leading cashmere manufacturers, and wholesalers of private label and white label weaves and knits, Gayatri Pashmina offers a fully proven solution to delivering quality products to boost your brand and vision.

General Inquiry

Yes, we are specialized in manufacturing products for brands and boutiques over the world.

In particular, they are products that retailers produce or have them produced on their behalf and sold under the retailer’s own brand name or private brand names. The retailer manages all of the product development and marketing processes of its Private Label itself.

• Private label products: Private labelling allows retailers to customize products; This means that you can sell products that look different from your buyers (even if the manufacturer diversifies your product to another seller).
• White-labelled products: White labelling means the products are already produced, even before a deal with the manufacturer, so the only customization option you can have is with packaging.

Small or big, we accept all orders with same priority.  We are also small manufacturers but dream to make a mark with our craft and products.

Germany, USA, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Canada and India are some of our major Exporting countries.

Sampling & Production

For stock service, 6pcs per style and 3pcs/solid color. For made to order we are fully flexible when it comes to minimums. For solid color products, our MOQ are  We advise ordering at least 50 pieces per style but we are happy to discuss smaller runs as well. Since, we have our own dyeing house with state of the art dyeing facility you can choose any color and we can get it done for low as 30pcs/style.

Order Lead time depends on the season, services rendered, the complexity of the order, other production orders in the schedule, what machines your garments require, and quantities.

If the items are in stock, we will ship within 3days after we receive your payment.
Custom Bulk orders can take anything between 14-45 days depending on quantity and design ordered.

NOTE: Shipping times is not included in the lead time order estimate.

Of course, we are specialized in custom manufacturing, just provide us with an idea, a rough sketch of the design or a sample, and we can get it done.

Samples are charged, but don’t worry once you place a wholesale bulk order with us, we will fully refund the sample fee or use it as a credit for the wholesale bulk order purchase.

– If you require a sample from our inventory, the sample fee will be at 2x (two times) the wholesale bulk cost.

– If you require a custom sample that is based on your measurements, we will add a operation fee  that will consist of 3x (three times) the estimated wholesale bulk cost.

For example, if a scarf’s wholesale price is 50USD  – then the sample fee is 2x times the wholesale price: 50×2=100USD
When you order 10 pieces the total wholesale bulk price will be 500USD then we will deduct the sample fee which is 50USD therefore 500-50=450USD

The reason we are implementing this strategy because we had many cases in the past when people are ordering samples at wholesale prices, and then they disappeared. While we can technically produce a finished sample for any garment – the cost of a sample is prohibitively expensive in small quantities.

NOTE: There are no minimums for samples.

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