Our Origins


Founded in 2011 Gayatri Pashmina Inc. is a high end luxury clothing brand specialized in manufacturing products made from cashmere, wool,silk and its blends, whose origin lies in city of temples, Kathmandu, Nepal , A country know for some of the highest peaks of the world.


From a middle class family whose profession for living was teaching to a industrialist who now own’s a renowned brand. It took quite a courage to take this step. I was blessed from the very beginning with a dream to own a industry, known for it’s quality products.


Completing my Textile Engineering in 1992, I started working in spinning mill for next many years and progressed together with it. It was when I received Bidhya Bhusan from the Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, one of the most precious award given to citizen of Nepal for his Achievement in his field.



And it was over time, I moved to Kathmandu and started working in a weaving industry and rather fell in spell of cashmere. I became firmly convinced that a very paramount quality of cashmere, beside its velvety softness, is its ability to last. And the concept of long duration was part of me, of my way of convincing the world; a high concept and meaning namely cashmere. A cashmere garment last for ever, you never throw it away, you must pass it on to your children, its ability to last is the symbol of its value.



Factory Site / Year 2015

Gayatri Pashmina Inc. was officially registered as a Manufacturer of luxurious products in Nepal on March of 2011. That day onward together with my wife I started this industry with a lot of struggle and with only few handlooms and two workers back then. And today Gayatri Pashmina Inc. is home to more than eight Powerlooms , two warping machines , computerized dyeing machines, computerized knitting machines, winding machines and lot more to achieve.


Power Looms












                                               It’s not our work. It’s our passion.