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We are proud of our rich Nepalese heritage, and all stages of our manufacturing processes continue to take place in our own mills, at Kathmandu. 

In addition to Nepal’s breathtaking beauty, there are considerable benefits to our unique location in terms of sustainability. Internationally renowned for its beauty, temples, and traditional craftsmanship. Our Craftsmanship allows us to make the world’s finest cashmere products with extreme detailing. Our mills are located in Kathmandu on the bank of river Bagmati and base of Gokarna hill which provide us with a plentiful supply of this natural key ingredient.

Aiming to show the world the true meaning of craftsmanship, we aim to create products true to their soul, using traditional techniques inherited from generations of innovation woven together with a modern approach.


Nepal has a long heritage of traditional craftsmanship, products from Nepal are full of effort and a true eye for detailing but lack the innovation and development of products and manufacturing techniques that should have been developed over time. Ivar Arhsim aims to bridge the gap between craftsmanship and innovation. With facilities to develop products, none in Nepal can make with the consistency that we make, Ivar Arhsim is a symbol of innovation and true craftsmanship.


Our weaving mill has a history of more than three decades and to date, it remains a family-owned mill. With owners not a businessman but best in their class engineers, with a vision for innovation, quality, and sustainability. Ivar Arhsim is the only luxury manufacturer in Nepal owned solely by a family of engineers.<br>

Over years we not only gained the trust of our brands and people loving our products but we also created a family of our employee, local artisans, and people with love for the craft has connected with us, expanding our small family to just about 50 employees, this can also give us a responsibility to look after them and their family. Women empowerment has always been a core focus, over three-fourths of our workforce are local women staying around our mills.


Keeping the craft alive in our souls has been a major commitment. We train more people more than anyone else in the Nepalese luxury textile industry. Over half of our mill’s weavers are women with no prior skill before working at our mills. <br>

Quality control has always been a prime focus every product that goes through our mills is made by hand with extreme detailing. Though we don’t have our own spinning unit our yarns are sourced from a few of the best spinning mills renowned in that world as the World’s best yarn manufacturer, OEKO-Tex certified and GOTS certified yarns are only used to make any product at Ivar, hence keeping the finest quality and true craftsmanship in each and every product we make.



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discover our products