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Top reasons:

• We put our heart in making each and every piece, working only with the finest natural fibers
• We are fully commit, keeping  responsibility and learning from our mistakes
• We enormously care about the environment and sustainability
• We deeply want to build an everlasting business relationship with you.

• 100%  Cashmere
• 100% Merino Wool
• 100% Silk
• Different % ratio of Cashmere + Different % ratio of Merino Wool
• Different % ratio  Cashmere + Different % ratio of Silk
• Different % ratio of Merino wool + Different % ratio of silk
• Different % ratio of Cashmere + Different % Silk + Different % Wool

We have selected the world recognized high quality and rare breed – Albas white goat, which is located in the Albas region
of Etuoke Banner, Inner Mongolia.The only ranch that has passed the U.S. and EU Cu organic certification has been established here,
covering an area of 8600 mu. 

We prefer being humble and not answer this type of question. We always urge to our new customers to first check the quality by touching and feeling the product with their own hands.

We are a small cashmere clothing factory focused on the highest quality, ethical and sustainable cashmere production registered under Department of Cottage and Small Industry, Nepal.

Germany, USA, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Canada and India

We can create any desired cashmere products.

We are focused on products that are made using both Weaving and Knitting technique.

• Weaving (Any dimension up to 150cms width of scarves, stoles, Shawls, Mufflers, throws, blankets, cushion covers  including Screen printed scarves and Digitally printed scarves)

• Knitting (sweaters, turtlenecks, hoodies, ponchos, zip up hoodies, half zip hoodies, pants, sweatpants, joggers, robes, loungewear, lounge pants, lounge sets)

We are located in Jorpati, Gokarneshwor-6, Kathmandu, which is the capital of Nepal.

We are always happy to arrange meetings between you and our manager, feel free to contact us .


Our factory’s sample showroom doors are always open for anyone without prior appointments to see and check our cashmere products. We do not maintain any costly retail storefronts or showrooms. This highly efficient business model allows us to offer a much more extensive selection and lower prices than you will find in retail stores.

We are always looking forward to your visit, feel free to contact us . We can arrange a meeting between you and our manager, you can also find us in Google map that will also help you to reach us.

We unanimously prefer Email contact for several reasons:

• There is much less room for error. Phone calls are verbal, and there is no record of the contents of a phone call, only that a phone call occurred.

You can contact us at You can also find multiple ways to contact us here.

At Gayatri Pashmina, we specialize in helping people with little to no knowledge of the industry; we want to be a platform whom you can rely in making some of the finest product for you. Don’t be shy – get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you and be part of the team.

Honestly, we cannot – because there is no such thing. The words combination of “cheap” and “quality” should never be used in a fashion manufacturing industry. We provide you with the best quality product possible. If you are looking for cheap products, our suggestion will be to work with blends rather than working for pure cashmere. That will be comparatively cheaper and ethical.

Yes, we will love to schedule a meeting. Free free to contact us here.

The cashmere color books are available for purchase.
Color card books are free for wholesale bulk order clients.
Please contact us to get more information.
For more details please check our Color Chart page.

We will be more than happy to be part of the brand, we understand the difficulties faced being a startup, it’s hard to find a a good manufacturer with good ethics. Choosing a product to start or making decisions on quality and composition can be difficult. We are here to help you in all possible way we can. We have a dedicated team for the work who can assist you on product as well as branding. We put our heart in making your brand successful.

It’s also essential that people have a basic understanding of the production process and all the variables involved in delivering a garment to market. Many stages contribute to the production cycle – all take time to do it properly and are sometimes even out of our control.

We do not worry about quantity for starting out, all you need a good heart with true ethic and love for the craft.

Yes, we accept ODM (also known as a Private Label) orders. You can choose products from our collection or we can make a custom collection based on your brand. You can read more about Private label here.

Yes, we use Pantone® Color Matching System.
As long as you provide the Pantone®  Code, we will be able to produce a matching color.

Step 1: You need to confirm the order details
Step 2: Pay the deposit. Generally, it’s 60% Advance and 40% before delivery.
Step 3: Start production
Step 4: Finish production and quality checking
Step 5: Pay the leftover balance i.e. remaining 40%.
Step 6: Ship out goods and provide a tracking number
Step 7: Receive the goods

Order Lead time depends on the season, services rendered, the complexity of the order, other production orders in the schedule, what machines your garments require, and quantities.

If the items are in stock, we will ship within 3days after we receive your payment.
Custom Bulk orders can take anything between 14-45 days depending on quantity and design ordered.

NOTE: Shipping times is not included in the lead time order estimate.

Yes, but it depends on what stage are we into production and what kind of changes you want to make. Please email the earliest to inform about about the change and we can assist you.

Yes, you can add more items but also it depends on which stage are we at the production, we will try our best to accept the quantity.

Yes, we can rush your order. We follow a straightforward strategy: First come – First served. In case of urgency, please let us know the earliest and we will try our best to get it done. But we always urge our customers to place orders in advance.

For stock service, 6pcs per style and 3pcs/color. For made to order we are fully flexible when it comes to minimums. For solid color products, our MOQ are  We advise ordering at least 50 pieces per style but we are happy to discuss smaller runs as well. Since, we have our own dyeing house with state of the art dyeing facility you can choose any color and we can get it done for low as 30pcs/style.

Samples are charged, but don’t worry once you place a wholesale bulk order with us, we will fully refund the sample fee or use it as a credit for the wholesale bulk order purchase.

– If you require a sample from our inventory, the sample fee will be at 2x (two times) the wholesale bulk cost.

– If you require a custom sample that is based on your measurements, we will add a operation fee  that will consist of 3x (three times) the estimated wholesale bulk cost.

For example, if a scarf’s wholesale price is 50USD  – then the sample fee is 2x times the wholesale price: 50×2=100USD
When you order 10 pieces the total wholesale bulk price will be 500USD then we will deduct the sample fee which is 50USD therefore 500-50=450USD

The reason we are implementing this strategy because we had many cases in the past when people are ordering samples at wholesale prices, and then they disappeared. While we can technically produce a finished sample for any garment – the cost of a sample is prohibitively expensive in small quantities.

NOTE: There are no minimums for samples.

If we have not already ordered yarn on your account or not begun the manufacturing process, we would be happy to consider your request. 

We pride ourselves on treating all of our clients the same, whether they are a small independent boutique or an international fashion house. All of the machinery and processes in our factory are set up to cater for small order quantities so clients can rest assured that small orders will be handled with the same level of professional and technical care as larger orders.

Depending on complexity of orders, our capacity of production is within 1000-5000 items per month.

We accept  United States Dollars (USD) and EURO.

T/T Payments (Wire transfer, International money transfer, SWIFT transfer)

NOTE: Any banking charges if applicable will be paid by the customer directly to there regional bank. Gayatri Pashmina doesn’t take any extra banking charge.

Unfortunately, we cannot. We not move forward with an order until we have received a deposit or a payment in full (depending on the total quantity of an order).  

Orders from our inventory: 100% T/T in advance.

Sample orders from our inventory: 100% T/T in advance.

Customized sample orders: 100% T/T in advance.

Customized orders under USD 2500: 100% T/T in advance.

Customized orders over USD 2500: A deposit of 50% is required before production begins. The rest of the balance payment is required when your order is finished and ready to be shipped.

Please be aware that Gayatri Pashmina does not begin production on an order until a deposit or a full payment has been completed. We do not release finished goods under any circumstances without receiving payment in full.

Prices change due to inflation and raw material price.

NOTE: We will notify you in advance if price changes occur.

Worldwide Air Shipping with FedEx, TNT, DHL and UPS. And Air Cargo for bulk orders. Customers can choose there own shipping partners, we are more than happy to assist you in any way.

NOTE: The Customer is responsible for any freight costs.

Ex factory, FOB (free on board), CNF (cost and freight), CIF (cost, insurance and freight) and door-to-door delivery are all available. We always suggest you to go with CIF, since that is a safe option incase any damage or other problems while shipping.

We provide reusable plastic sleeves for each garment, and then we use different sizes of cardboard (carton) boxes to pack the order.

NOTE: Any special packing requests must be made at the time of order.

Yes, feel free to let us know for any such requests.

EU, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are some of the territories that offer duty free import for goods made in Nepal. For more information, it’s best to check with your local customs authorities.

The duty saved on our products can range from 12% up to 20%. Again, it is better to check with your local customs authorities for exact figures.

It depends on what shipping courier you use. We will be more than happy to use your account.


Once your order ships, you will receive tracking information via Email with information of tracking details. 

We can give you an approximate price, but ultimately shipping costs depend on many factors such as delivery location, delivery method, services, weight, dimensions, cargo volume, duties (if applicable), insurance (if applicable) and taxes (if applicable).

FedEx, TNT, DHL and UPS are the leading courier companies in Nepal. Their cost depends on the destination (country) & weight. Heavier shipments are cheaper and lighter shipments are comparatively expensive. 

Still, have a question?

If there are any other queries that you want to ask us. Get in touch, we will really responsive, we will get back to you within 24hr.

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