Cashmere  also known as pashmina comes from Persian Pashm meaning the premium quality wool fiber, the Soft Gold king of fibers. It’s the finest Cashmere wool in the world. Pashmina has come to be known as a special kind of wool which comes from the outer skin of the Himalayan goat known as Capra Hircus locally called Chyangra living in the high altitudes of the Himalayas above 14,000 feet’s. Himalayan goats are found in the high plateau regions of Nepal, Tibet, Kashmir and the central plains of Inner Mongolia.

There is absolutely no difference between the two. Pashmina is the Indian/Persian word for Cashmere. Cashmere is locally called “Pashmina” in Nepal.

We manufacture cashmere, wool and silk products from Muffler to King size Blankets, shawls, scarf, stole etc. that are made from different Ply’s for different products to make. 

Our all products are Hand-Woven in Nepal and with cashmere, wool or silk yarns. Other blend like cotton, linen or other natural fibers are used only on demand.

All our articles are produced in Nepal, our production facilities are situated in Kathmandu.

We offer 100% pure cashmere. We have a 100% refund guarantee if our cashmere is not found to be pure as per international standards.



Of course, please contact us and we will send them.

Certainly. You are paying for it and we fully respect your right to have our product tested, before or after you pay for it. No matter when you test them, we always stand behind our product.



Delivery and Shipping

Ex factory, FOB (free on board) is available.



We try our best for the products to be delivered on time. But due to some unforeseen circumstances it may get delayed by a few days.



Of course, you are free to choose your shipping company.


Of course we can get it delivered to any place you want.

Duty Free

EU, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are some of the territories that offer duty free import for goods made in Nepal. It’s best to check with your local customs authorities for confirmation and further information.



The duty saved on our products can range from 12% up to 20%. Again, it's best to check with your local customs authorities for exact figures.



We take responsibility for all the paper works to be done from our side for custom purpose here in Nepal.




Generally, our MOQ is 20pcs/style/color combination. It can be negotiated upon special requests.



For sure we can add your labels in the products. We do provide private labeling facility.





You can directly mail us your requirement and we can communicate further at ravi@gayatripashmina.com.

Our delivery time depends on yarn stock, total quantity and time for placement. It can take for a weeks to 12weeks for delivery.



Our exacting standards mean that this would be an extremely rare occurrence. In the event of it happening, our concern would always be for our client and we would ensure that any losses are covered.



Sure. You can visit the factory to check the goods on your own.



Dyes and Chemicals

All dyes and chemicals used by our supply partners and us are azo-free and comply with all international standards. Also, both our supply partners and us regularly conduct tests to ensure that we continue to meet those standards.

We use a light washing detergent and softeners to ensure our products are clean and free from impurities such as dust and other foreign particles. 


Yes, we can make samples as per your style and color.



It can take upto a week depending on the style and color combination.

It is always good to visit the factory for sampling process. But we can also ship it to your for your approval.

No, a rough sketch and desired weight and size is enought for us to prepare the sample.

Payment Terms

Generally, our payment terms are 100% Advance. For first few orders we can go for 70% Advance and 30% before delivery. As per rules of Nepal government we must receive 100% Payment before shipping of any orders.

No, we do not accept online payments.

All costs will be clearly specified in the Performa Invoice. There will be no hidden costs. Any tentative cost will be clearly discussed before the payment deposit.

Generally, we quote the price for the final product packed in packaging bags. Any special request for care label, special packaging will be added as actual.