About Us


Who Are We

Manufacturer of high-end luxurious cashmere products in Nepal.

Our Mission

Affordable Quality.

What We Do

Weaving / Knitting / Stencil Printing

Why choose us?

Gayatri Pashmina Inc. offers the best design and customization options which no other industry in the market does.

Consumer can freely rely on the industry for the same consistency in quality products.

Gayatri Pashmina Inc. is declared as a demo industry from the European Union Funded SWITCH ASIA Project , for it’s example to be the most sustainable and cleaner production technique applied in its production line.

Our founder himself lead the technical team ,  he is a textile engineer with more than 30 yrs. of experience.

Would you like to collaborate with us?

With decades of experience in Cashmere Manufacturing, our only motto is to deliver quality products at affodable price. Contact us for collaboration and bespoke cashmere manufacturing.