cashmere redefined


Traditional Craftsmanship, Modern Approach

For over a decade, Gayatri pashmina has the leader in creating the finest cashmere, wool, and silk products. The only industry in Nepal capable to make products with consistency no other can achieve from woven and printed scarfs to elegant plaids and tartan designs, from warm and cozy knitwear to heavy blankets. We take pride in our craftsmanship, Handmade by Nepalese Artisan, fusing innovative technology and sustainable manufacturing process.


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A commitment towards a better World


A commitment we can make for sustainability is to craft products using the best and sustainable process available to us. The nature is our priority which we have to hand down to coming generation. Every step we take directly or indirectly affect the future, it not just a responsibility but a care we have for the future generation.

A digital printed scarf being finished before final packaging

hand-made in nepal

Every product is an art of talented artesian. Aiming to show the world the true meaning of craftsmanship, we aim to create products true to their soul, using traditional techniques inherited from generations of innovation woven together with a modern approach. We take pride in saying the products are Hand-made in Nepal and as result of generations of family craft.