Cashmere at it’s level best.

Cashmere. Luxury. Lifestyle.

It’s not our work. It’s our passion.

What we do?


The classic art is what we call weaving. The interlacing of Horizontal and Vertical yarn to make textiles. At Gayatri Pashmina Inc. this technique is not just an art but a feeling that connects our weavers to our textiles.


A Craft, not all can master. In Knitting a yarn is manipulated in form of loops to create the cosiest and warm textile we love.

Stencil Printing

The love of colours that mesmerizes us from our heart to get hold of it. 


How we do it?


Every products before coming to form is imagined. It texture and fabrics are felt inheart and drawn on paper.


Our team go through the rough sheet of design and gives a technological touch. it's technical aspect is decided here.


Finally, its goes to the heart of industry, the loom where weaver craft the fabrics and further processing are hence done.

Create your own CUSTOM CASHMERE ?

Would you like to collaborate with us?

With decades of experience in Cashmere Manufacturing, our only motto is to deliver quality products at affodable price. Contact us for collaboration and bespoke cashmere manufacturing.